How do I Play Pogo Games by Installing Java

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Pogo games are fun and they are famous all over the globe. There are plenty of clients that play Pogo games every single day. However, in order to play Pogo games properly, user need to make sure that their system meets certain needs. This will make sure the smooth loading of games. Also, user need to have the newest version of Java installed. So, in this guide offered below, user will get to know about playing Pogo games by installing Java. For this matter, user can also contact the technical team via Pogo Customer Care Phone Number +1-888-445-7043 for remote assistance.

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Follow the methods listed below so as to play Pogo games by installing Java:

  • First of all, user have to visit the Pogo website and select a game that they want to play. The game will not load at this point of time and user will see a small black rectangle saying ‘Java is not installed.
  • After that, just click on the blue link that is given next to the error message. This link will open the Java’s official web page in a new tab.
  • Now choose your operating system and let the download link appear. After that click on the option ‘Download’ for the file to get downloaded in your system. User will see a window where they have to select the ‘Run’ option. Wait till the download gets complete successfully and after this, the installation of the application will start automatically. For any confusion or difficulty, User can get in touch with the Pogo Customer Care.
  • Now click on ‘Accept’ to agree with the installation instructions.
  • Ensure user have unchecked the box to install the Yahoo toolbar on their web browser as this toolbar will only create more mess. Moreover, most of the internet web browsers have in-built search engines. So, there is no need of the Yahoo toolbar to install Java.
  • Wait for a while and let the installation get complete successfully. User will see a message on the screen as soon as the installation will get complete.
  • After that, click on the ‘Ok’ button to exit the Java installer.
  • Now reload the Pogo game page and after that click on any game to check if the game starts loading.
  • This way user can easily install Java and play unlimited Pogo games.

Note- Ensure to keep installing the Java updates as and when it comes. It will completely prevent your system from getting infected by any malware. If anytime you get stuck while playing the game, ensure you call at the Pogo Customer Service Phone Number +1-888-445-7043. They are well-trained customer support team have the required knowledge when it comes to dealing with such gaming difficulties or concerns.

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Pogo Account is Suspended because of Infringement of EA Guidelines

Pogo Customer Care Phone Number

Call Toll Free +1-888-445-7043

of clients have been reporting recently regarding their account suspensions and they have to contact Pogo Customer Care team. This is indeed disappointing for all those clients who have been the victim of such problems. What has been analyzed yet that few major viruses brought this chaos to numerous EA Pogo clients? Ever since EA started merging Pogo screen name with EA client IDs and upgrading them to email login. Clients have been facing some consisted of difficulties with their login and accessibility of online games.

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This could be incredibly disappointing for some clients who regularly play games at when they received notice regarding the suspension of their account while they did not violate any EA guidelines. If user think it is a mistake from EA suspending their account, then quickly follow the instructions.

Vital tips:

  • If your EA Pogo Games account is suspended or block for some of EA guidelines infringement, then contact Pogo Customer Service at and chat with their EA advisors or give them your contact helpline number and they will ring you back.
  • If anything, suspicious user notice about their Pogo account, them quickly report it to Pogo Customer Care via chat or email.
  • If user have recently received some unauthorize bill on the card from EA or Pogo, then speak with EA advisors regarding same before the cancellation
  • Do not reply to any unknown or suspicious email in the name of Pogo or EA
  • Do not share your account details over the phone, via chat or email
  • Change your EA and Pogo login password and also, change email password if shared with any person
  • Ensure that your Pogo computer is secured with few security applications
  • Report it to EA support, if your Pogo games do not open in the right window, on the contrary, they redirect to some weird web links

It is indeed sad for those clients who paid their Club Pogo membership fee and yet locked. It is vital for us as well to notify EA regarding anything suspicious happening in your account. Contact Pogo Customer Support Phone Number +1-888-445-7043