Get to Know About Trend Micro Antivirus

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Trend Micro is a famous antivirus, bound to provide safe web browsing, data protection and device and data privacy to give you best out of this digital era in the safest manner. Not only anti-virus but also give the best anti-ransomware benefits, in short, it’s an all-in-one security suite to deal with the vulnerabilities of the digital world. Furthermore, it is the top protection agent against the security threats.

Major highlights of Trend Micro are:

  • Works hand-in-hand with more than 30 industry giants.
  • It has the powerful anti-ransomware technology.
  • It practices the latest machine learning technology.
  • It includes the advanced data warning technology and protect your device against a long list of security threats.

If you are using Trend Micro for guard your device, you must have an option to take help and assistance in case of trouble. Dial Trend Micro Antivirus Customer Support Phone Number +1-844-502-0074 to get the instant support from the technicians.

How to Resolve Trend Micro Error 331?

Trend Micro is the best antivirus that helps you overall protection from infections, malware, Trojans, spyware and much more. But, sometimes our knight gets injured and the whole protection system pauses, due to affected Trend Micro antivirus. Here are various Trend micro errors but error code 331 is most painful, though it’s quite a simple problem but put the while functioning of your antivirus at risk. So, it is important to handle such problem with great care or under the guidance of expertise through Trend Micro Helpline Number +1844-502-0074.

Symptoms of Error 331 in Trend Micro Maximum Security:

  • “Error 331” crashes the programs running in the background.
  • The system crashes regularly.
  • You receive a message with “Trend Micro Error 331”.
  • The system runs slowly.
  • The sluggish performance of keyboard and mouse.
  • Your device freezes after regular interval of time.

Causes of Error 331:

  • The installation is not downloaded properly.
  • The corrupted windows registry errors.
  • The infections attack on your device.
  • Accidental deletion of Trend Micro system files.

How to Troubleshoot Trend Micro Maximum Security Error 331?

It is important to troubleshoot the Error 331 on an instant basis and the troubleshooting starts from the registry errors. Sometimes the inappropriate entry in the registry can cause problem like Error 331, so one must repair the affected registry by using any trustworthy registry cleaner. This will remove all the incorrect registry entries.

Full PC scan:

Performing a malware scan is necessary to repair the runtime errors like Trend Micro 331 because unwanted infections can damage, corrupt, edit or remove the files associated with Runtime errors.

For Windows, you can use the MS Firewall protection to get rid out of Trend Micro Error 331.

Remove the junk files:

With the passing of time, junk files accumulate on your device and affect the speed of web browsing or other functions of client computing device. One must remove the temporary files and clear the disk to free some space. This will help you optimize the speed of customer device by removing the trash stored in it, also by fixing the errors like Error 331 on Trend Micro.

This is how you can perform the Disk cleanup:

  • Go to Start menu and enter the command in the search bar.
  • Do not hit enter after typing.
  • Hold CTRL+Shift and then hit Enter.
  • Click “Yes” on prompted permission dialog box.
  • You will see an open box with a blinking cursor.
  • Now, type “cleanmgr” and again hit Enter.
  • Now the process of Disk cleaning will begin on your system.
  • A number checkbox series will appear on your system, in the list “temporary files is the biggest one.
  • Now check all the boxes in the categories and click OK.

Update the Drivers for Your Device:

Drivers are crucial for the performance of client device. So, if any runtime error such as Error 331 appears on your device, one must try to update all the drivers for your device. It is quite a complex task to find the right drivers for your device, but one must always depend upon the official site of the manufacturers to download, install or update drivers.

Undo the Recent Changes:

To restore the changes, you have made on your device, this can happen with “go back in time” feature of Windows system. This will nullify the effects if recent changes and return the system files back and also, it will help you combat the Errors 331 on your device.

If you are not able to troubleshoot the Trend Micro error 331, one can get in touch with Trend Micro Technical Support Phone Number +1844-502-0074. The toll-free numbers are accessible day and night to help the troubled client and provide the optimum performance of your product.

Disable or Enable Trend Micro Antivirus?

Cyber security has become the foremost concern of web clients, and thus antivirus is the most recommended utility on your device. We spend almost half of our free time browsing the web. So, Trend Micro is the ace of the century. It not only gives you a safe browsing experience but also protects it against malware, spyware, and other vulnerabilities.

Hackers and cyberpunks keep their eyes on your important data and steal it whenever get a chance. So, Trend Micro keeps your data safe from such attacks by providing a strong protective shield. The major advantages of this antivirus is, it can be used on up to 10 computers at a time. But sometimes client want to disable it on any of the devices. But disabling should be done with fine steps, follow the given steps to disable or enable antivirus on your devices. If you are looking for real-time support services, dial Trend Micro Customer Services and get the full technical assistance from the techies.

How to Turn-off Trend Micro Antivirus?

  • Firstly, you need to open the Trend Micro Internet Security by right-clicking on it.
  • Under the Menu select Protection against Virus and Spyware.
  • Now click on set to confirm the changes.
  • If you see checkmark against the Protection against Viruses and Spyware, the real-time protection is active on your desktop. So, if you want to disable the real-time protection remove the checkmark.
  • In order to disable your selection, choose a time frame.
  • Now select the Set button to save the changes.
  • Once you are done with disabling the Trend Micro antivirus, the Protection against Viruses and Spyware will be deleted.

How to Disable the Turned-off Antivirus?

  • Open the Trend Micro internet security,
  • Select the Protection against viruses and spyware from the Menu bar.
  • Now select the time frame and then disable the entire system.
  • Confirm the selection.

Alternative Method to Disable the Antivirus:

  • Go to the Start menu, and then select “All programs”
  • Now open the Trend Micro folder and then select Trend Micro Internet Security.
  • Select “Personal Firewall Controls” from the left menu.
  • Go to Settings and open the Personal Firewall section and uncheck the Activate the personal Firewall.
  • Click Ok to disable the Trend Micro firewall.

Reactivate Trend Micro:

  • Go to Trend Micro antivirus.
  • Open the Menu bar and select the “Protection against viruses and spyware”.
  • If you want to re-activate your Trend Micro antivirus, check the boxes against Protection against viruses and spyware.
  • Now it is re-enabled.

These are the tried and tested methods to disable or re-enable the Trend Micro Internet Protection on your device. If you are looking for permanent disabling, or not able to reactivate your Trend Micro product, call upon Trend Micro Customer Service Phone Number 1844-502-0074. The expertise will answer all your questions and concerns to get rid of the problem. So, for real-time Trend Micro Support Helpline Number, dial toll-free numbers, reach via online chat or send an email.

Trend Micro login issues:

Troubleshoot the Client Server Security Agent (CSA), or security agent appears offline all of sudden. WFBS is missing:


Troubleshooting step for CSA/SA of WFBS:

  • The agent is appearing offline.
  • The agent is System Tray shows to be disconnected.
  • The status is faking as Offline, or do not shows at all.
  • The pattern isn’t correct, scan engine on the console.
  • There is no client on the Security Server.
  • There is no visibility aren’t showing in the WFBS console
  • Update problem.
  • Deployment issue with the console.
  • The issue in reconnecting clients after migration WFBS server.

Option 1: Check the number of license seats:

  • Sign-in with WFBS console.
  • Go to Preferences>Product license.
  • Check the seats allotted according to your license. The extra clients will not be entertained on the management console.

Option 2: Check the server-agent communication:

  • Using the security services, ping on the IP address of the agent which has been disconnected.
  • Go back to the security server and open “…\PCCSRV\ofcscan.ini file.”
  • keep eye on the following entries:
  1. Master domain name.
  2. Master domain Port
  3. Client local server port.
  • Check the Registry Editor on the client look for the communication information for WFBS server.
  • Make sure the registry keys are as same as follows:

o          For WFBS 7.0: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Trend Micro\UniClient\1600.

o          For WFBS 6.0/8.0/9.0:

  1. 32-bit Operating System (OS): Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Trend Micro\PC-CillinNTtCorp\CurrentVersion
  2. 64-bit OS: Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\Trend Micro\PC-CillinNTtCorp\CurrentVersion
  • Server
  • Server Port
  • Local Server Port

If the values are different, you can try using the Client Mover Tool (IPXfer.exe) to fill the communication gap between the WFBS server and Security Agent. Use the IpXfer.exe procedure given below: Migrating clients of Worry-Free Business Security (WFBS) to another server.

Select command prompt and run this:

“telnet<space><agent’s IP address><space><value of the Client_LocalServer_Port>”

  • If telnet is unsuccessful, look for the firewall whether it’s turned on or is blocking the Client_LocalServer_Port. Contact your network administrator for complete assistance.
  • Open a command prompt from the CSA/SA and run this command:

“telnet<space><value of the Master_DomainName><space><value of the Master_DomainPort>”

  • Search for limited network bandwidth. If this problem remains same, run the below given command to determine if the limited bandwidth causes connection timeout:
  1. From the Security Server: type “ping<space>-t<space><agent’s IP address>”
  2. From the CSA/SA: type “ping<space>-t<space><server’s IP address>
  • In the Security Server, run the command prompt and go to the ..\PCCSRV folder.
  1. Run “svrsvcsetup<space>-setprivilege” and shut off the Command prompt.
  2. Reboot the “Trend Micro Client/Server Security Agent Listener service” on the client which is not available at the moment
  3. Open Security Settings on WFBS console.
  4. Refresh and check whether the problem remains the same.
  5. Now, check the client’s connection with Security Server:

o          open Internet Explorer on the computer device of the client.

o          Open address bar and Type the below-given URL in the then press Enter:

x`1.     Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. name>:<serverport>/SMB/cgi/constant.e

  1. If the next screen shows -2, this means that the communication gap has been filled.
  2. Access the server and run autopcc.exe.

The autopcc.exe is used for the following functions:

o          Check the OS of the non-secured computer on the CSA/SA.

o          Updates the, Damage Cleanup Services components, virus pattern file scan engine, cleanup file, and program files.

In order to run the login script installation, list the Windows of customer computers on Active Directory of the server. Follow the steps:

  1. Go to Network Neighborhood and access the safe Server on the computer of the client.
  2. Open the PCCSRV folder or the of scan shared folder.
  3. Run autopcc.exe.
  4. Refresh the WFBS console.

If the agent is still disappeared, retry to communicate with the server and the agent with the help of                           the Client Mover Tool (IpXfer).

  1. Check the status of the agent again by returning to the WFBS console.
  2. Keep an eye upon communication of server and agent, using the OfficeScan website of the administrator account
  3. click Start > Run and then type “inetmgr” on the security server.
  4. Open Servername > Website.
  5. In Websites option, right-click OfficeScan and follow All tasks > Save Configuration to a file.
  6. Save “OfficeScan” as the filename.
  7. Hit the Desktop icon and then select Save.
  8. Open the Directory Security tab.
  9. click Edit, on the Authentication and Access Control section.
  10. Check the box against Enable Anonymous Access
  11. Type administrator account ID and password.
  12. Hot Apply > Yes to All > OK.
  13. restart the following services on the server:
  14. World Wide Web Publishing Service
  15. Trend Micro Security Server Master Service
  • Sign in to the WFBS console and check the list of computers for Servers and Desktop groups.

If you are unable to solve the technical problem on your own, you can reach the Trend Microphone Tech Support Phone Number +1-844-502-0074.